4th of April 2018
Blockchain platforms
as the modern model
of investment

Financial system and hi-tech.
New strategies of communication.

Singapore, at 7:00 pm in TKP Conference Center Raffles place
Investments & Crypto wealth management.
New opportunities.
The crypto world after two-three years.
Independence from legislation.
The best places for crypto projects
ROI: how much % per year.
The speakers & panel
These are the ones who create the Worlds crypto-economy.
Lawrence Chua
Startup Advisor and Investor, Singapore
Lawrence is an early stage investor as well as business advisor to multiple startups that spanned across diverse industries such as fintech, insuretech, conversational AI, minerals, global citizenry and logistics. He helps startups go to market, scale and raise funds from the right sources. He believes that blockchain will change the world and has worked on multiple projects across the globe.
Berik Yernazarov
Managing Partner, Taklimakan, Kazahstan
Berik has the great experience in managing and analyzing portfolios of bonds, equities and derivatives. Successfully graduated from the top ranked British University Cass Business School and was recognized as the best student of the university in 2015. He worked for Russell Investments, as an analyst for the government and corporate bonds market and also replaced the portfolio manager when required. Has an experience of managing a portfolio of 2 billion USD. Moreover, he also achieved good results in trading with cryptocurrencies and in the construction of an optimal portfolio with the best risk/return characteristics. Previous work experience include: Sanofi, Royal Bank of Scotland and Willis.
Alex Jourik
COO & Managing partner, Smart Valley, Russia
He's the businessman with extensive experience in a wide variety of fields. He's also successful manager, the startup man, a business strategist and he's an expert in the service technologies field. For the moment Alex's interests are focused on business projects in the digital environment. He is one of the leaders of Smartvalley company. Alex's knowledge is proved and honed by many years of practice. His brilliant and charismatic speaker talent would be surely appreciated by the participants of the event.
Nikita Shevchenko
Founder, Fundplatform, Russia
Nikita Shevchenko is ambitious fintech entrepreneur and experienced blockchain developer. He has started his IT career in 2013, and two years later he developed his first commercial application, using innovative NEM blockchain. In 2015 he made his first professional investments in the cryptofunds, being amongst the narrow cohort of the first crypto-investors globally. The first-hand experience he gained , resulted in understanding the limitations of the existing crypto-investments model and first ideas that led to the new solution - Fund Platform.

D.C. Noye
Co-Founder, Sponsy, USA
D.C. is experienced Vice President of Software Engineering with a track record of building successful teams and delivering projects utilizing both agile and scrum methodologies. He has 14 years of IT experience, and skilled in Machine Learning and web development tech. D.C. has been engaged in blockchain development since 2015. Currently, he oversees Sponsy's software development efforts.
Secret Guest
You know him
Program of the Event
19:00 – 19:20
Opening of the event. Gathering of participants.
Welcome glass of wine, acquaintance of guests.
19:20 – 19:40
Berik Yernazarov:
Principles of interaction of digital economic space participants
The report contains the prospects of traders, investors and analysts connection, the designs of those connections, cooperation possibilities and synergies.
19:40 – 20:00
Alex Jourik:
Forecasts and risks when investing in high-tech startups
The main topic of the report is improving the startups survival in the digital economic space. Also report contains innovative projects expertise in investments drawing.
20:00 – 20:20
Nikita Shevchenko:
Customized solutions for startups in the digital industry
The report about business development possibilities without participation of institutional investments, about tools to accelerate the projects funding
20:20 - 20:40
D.C. Noye:
Sponsorship isn't dead: how businesses can leverage tokenization to raise sponsorship funding
The problems of today's sponsorship industry, and will elaborate on new financial opportunities that businesses are presented with by tokenization of sponsorship assets.
20:40 – 22:00
Networking. The final reception.
Free communication, Q & A's, white and red wine, light snacks.
4th of April / 2018
TKP Conference Center Singapore, 55 Market Street #03-01 Singapore 048941
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